Best Engineering Technology in Modular Framing Systems

Posted on Jan 10, 2019 in Uncategorized

Modular framing systems have popularized in modern industrial scenario. Modular framing systems is a revolution which has benefitted many industries and is useful for uncountable applications. The credit goes to technology that has made diversification in modular construction. Modular systems are finding place in many applications. Modular kits have flexibility of modification based on specific requirements.

Motion performance in Modular Framing Systems

The best modular systems we talk of are Modular Framing Systems with motion performance. There are three categories of kits in this type: Crane Kits, Automation Kits and Display Kits. These categories have been designed for specific performance. These kits are movable for efficient performance. The important features in these kits are safety and portability. Crane kits are specifically meant for overhead cranes. All these kits can be modified based on specific requirements. You can check out this info on

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Modular aluminum framing system

Istrut is a modular aluminum framing system. This framing system is a pre-engineered system which is a solution to your most problems. Its appearance and motion performance are unmatched due to its components. This system has a firm patented design which many other systems don’t have. These are unique aspects of this system. You can check out this info on and get more details about its profile and features that are impressive for any user.

Why Istrut is the best

Istrut has revolutionized the modern modular framing system. Its Trolley Systems and Motion Clamping Systems are exclusive and are best for framing system motion and proper clamping respectively. The clamping systems use specially engineered barrel nuts, Tube Clamps, Rail Clamps, and other clamps for thorough clamping. The beam and C-Trolley have special; performance of moving. Istrut is perfect from all aspects as it supports its users for customization and allows users to build and design their own kits by modifying the existing kits. This is the best example of engineering technology.