Why checking the specifications of a product is necessary before purchase

Posted on Feb 21, 2017 in Consumer Information

If you are a person who loves to do shopping a lot then you should know some basic shopping principles so as that you get the perfect purchase for your money. Knowing the specification of the product is always good to know beforehand. This will help you in reducing the time of purchase and also will help you focus on the right product you want to buy. There are many cases in consumer complaint portal where they have purchase the product and the specification of product after opening of the box was different.

This can be because of the sheer negligence of the product specification which we are planning to buy. There are more case of different product received on online purchase. Suppose the picture of the product which was displayed in the website was of red color but the specification described a peach color product.

Specification of product is always a perfect place to know all the details of the product. You can know the date of manufacture along with the date of expiry of the product. This also specifies the size and quantity of the product. You can also know the color of the product along with the brand of purchase. You can also know whether product you are buying are passed by government bodies. For example there are ISO certified products which certifies the quality of product you are buying. Similarly there are certification for electronic, food product separately. Knowing them will help you get the best quality product in your shopping cart.

In many countries it is a compulsory notice to every company to describe 100% accurate knowledge to the customer about the product they are buying. In case they are cheating or trying to escape it a serious legal action with heavy penalty can be put on them. Knowing your power as customer can help you have an upper hand over the companies. Online marketplace is already flooded with the all sort of product which you can buy in any brick and mortar shop.

You can additionally check for the reviews of the product before buying and customer reviews will help you prevent fraud in online market place as well. You also have a responsibility to give an honest review of the product you are buying. Food Adulteration is most common faced problem and you should be smart enough to read the specification of product you are buying.