Hurdles and ways to avoid them while you are climbing Everest

Posted on Feb 4, 2018 in Uncategorized

Climbing Mount Everest is an adventurous thing. It has attracted a million of climbers to take this challenge. Climbing the tallest mountain will not only boost your confidence but will also help you to see a magnificent view from a great altitude. The adventure and the Adrenaline Rush which the climbers face makes it memorable for them for their entire lifetime. Well, as mentioned it is the tallest,so there will be some dangers that you may have to face. So if you are aiming for that peak, then you should follow some rules.

Starting from strong winds to falling rocks, sickness due to high altitude or avalanches there will quite challenge that you will be facing while trekking. So here we are going to give you some survival rules to minimize your difficulties. One thing that you should keep in mind is that mountains are not that safe. Because all mountains will be unpredictable and which can cost you your life due to negligence. So be sensible by preparing well for Everesting.

Rules to follow while Everesting


  • If you are going on trekking with your partners, still you need to carry all the necessary gears, climbing decisions, and oxygen tank with yourself. Because while climbing an altitude like that you have to keep your mind attentive. Many beginners can also reach the summit. Even if you fail on your first attempt, still it is a great decision to try for few more times because failing is better than dying. Everesting will be very much dangerous and quite hazardous so be careful.
  • If you’re facing any weather change, then your normal climbing can also turn into a very horrible and fatal experience. So always try to check the forecast before you start your journey. As we all know that Mountains are capable of creating their weather so sometimes even after the predictions some weather change may strike unexpectedly. So you have to minimize your risk by taking some security lamp and ropes etc.

These two rules can help you to survive tough situations even if you are alone or have lost your way from your other partners. So you have to be alert physically and mentally for