Never Ignore The Reception Counters; They Might Make You Or Break You!

Posted on Aug 20, 2018 in Uncategorized

While loads are spent on embellishing the office cabins, few offices pay enough attention to thereception counters. On the contrary, the reception counters need more attention as the firstimpression is sometimes the last impression. The first thing any individual person encounters onentering an office is the reception counter and it is only quite important that the receptioncounters are lucrative and welcoming.

The reception area should be inviting enough and has to be thoughtfully designedso that it speaks of the company value and aesthetics. Therefore you need to be smart whiledesigning your reception counters as they contain all the potential to either break you or makeyou.

Enlighten your Reception Counter with an ideal combination of furniture:

  • Coffee Table

The presence of a coffee table is an enticing way to lure your clients into having a nice timewhile they wait. The choosing of the coffee table can be done from a wide range ofvarieties. Coffee tables come in various finishes; one of the most popular ones the glass coffeetables that can nowadays be seen in the corporate offices. Melamine coffee tables have becomemuch convenient now as they come in various finishes, and they are durable and cost effectiveas well.

Reception Counters

  • Lounge and Tub Chairs:

Lounge and Tub Chairs can form an integral part of the reception counter. They provide themuch needed comfort for those waiting. Many furniture manufacturers have enhanced theirrange of these items. Thedemand for black executive leather lounges has witnessed a riseamongst the corporate workers. Apart from this, various companies now form these items in otherfabrics as well.

  • Reception Desk/Counter

Reception desk is a crucial part of the reception area. The reception desk is that eye catchingaccessory of the waiting room where everybody is first drawn to. These desks come in variousstyles and finishes and have been made quite cost effective. Round edged desks are now intrend to offer a smoother workplace. An impressive desk makes the entire arena looksimpressive and promotes a healthy work environment.

  • Classics Range of Chair

Designer chairs are now in much vogue. Designer chairs like Swan or Egg or Hand shapedchairs of excellent quality and amazingly closer to real appearance are available now. Apart frombeing stylish in looks they are much comfortable too. These kinds of chairs add much to thebeauty of the reception counter and make it more alluring.