Stop alcohol addiction site showcases various alcohol abusive effects in females

Posted on Sep 8, 2017 in Health Issues

Stress, hormones, maintaining the perfect figure; these are some of the factors that women have to fight every day. However, when these vulnerabilities seize them, alcohol comes to their rescue as an element to escape their harsh reality. Nevertheless, alcohol makes them susceptible to various health issues. If you some time out of your schedule and take a look at quality stop alcohol addiction site, you will find that more than 13% of US women take a minimum of 8 drinks per week.

So how can alcohol binging can create negative consequences on female health? Read it here.

3 health issues women face because of alcohol abuse

  1. Breast cancer

Breast cancer is one the major diseases that has engulfed nearly 21.6% women all around the world. Sadly, this count is only limited to alcohol abuse. The potential mechanism that renowned experts of cancer are focused more towards the breaking down of acetaldehyde. The chief reason for this break down without any doubt is alcohol abuse. This initiates genetic mutations which change the sequence of DNA, thereby leading to the development of cancerous cells.

  1. Brain damage

Brain damage due to alcohol binging is another of the negative effects that you can see in good stop alcohol addiction site. Alcohol causes the brain to shrink to a considerable level, affecting mental functionality.

  1. Liver disease

Liver cirrhosis, different types of hepatitis (A, B, C), disability of the liver to detox and digest food are some of the common forms of liver diseases. Because of this, one may always have stomach issues.

There are also other health-related risks like infertility, heart diseases, and memory loss that you can read in details from authentic stop alcohol addiction site. In fact, these types of sites also provide guidance to those ladies who wish to stay sober or are looking for methods to quit drinking.