You Can Stay Safe Using a Generator, If You Follow These Tips

Posted on Mar 13, 2019 in Uncategorized

A generator is an equipment used in homes and on commercial places for power generation in an emergency. This device is very useful in a situation of electricity break down or short supply because your work is hampered in the absence of electricity, but a generator can pose great danger if its operation is not properly understood.

Stay safe using a generator

Generator is a powerful device and can cause serious damage when negligence is made in its operation and maintenance. You can’t just take this device lightly and shouldn’t allow children to be near this device for any reason. Before generator operation, it is necessary to understand safety tips.

stay safe using a generator

The necessary guidelines for operation of a genset are usually contained in its operation manual, and troubleshoot tips are also given, but you shouldn’t take the risk. If you can’t handle this device, it is better to consult a technical expert to stay safe using a generator, but you should never take a chance to create risk for yourself and others.

Tips to stay safe using a generator

Though major risk in using generator is carbon monoxide poisoning, but electrocution is also a greater risk associated with its operation. There are few important tips that can help you to stay safe using a generator, is you follow them thoroughly. These tips are easy to follow for anyone without technical knowledge of this device.

  • The generator should always be installed outdoor in an open space so that its exhaust is released in the atmosphere.
  • The generator should be refueled when it is not in operation.
  • The generator should never be overloaded. It is advisable to check its capacity before connecting appliance to this device.
  • Backfeeding or power the house wiring by plugging the generator into a wall outlet poses a great risk.